Wednesday 11 March 2020

StaffMIS Snippets 1 : What is StaffMIS

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This Snippet introduces StaffMIS, and explains what we do.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Firming identity and direction

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is effecting process efficiency working alongside clients and partners. The UK leisure industry has excellent operators and excellent quality systems product and service service providers and we have been very fortunate to have been able to have some early, very promising, meetings with some of these people.

Our original vision has been chiselled and shaped and has in recent months evolved impressively. I am comfortable with what we are and what we do, what we are aiming to be, and what we provide and produce.

With our next version release I am confident we have a comprehensive offering, which can provide a range of efficient and effective improvement gains for leisure operations.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Staffmis Development

The Staffmis development team have been working very hard to bring together all components of the latest release. I am beginning to see it all come together now and very pleased with the results.

Our objective is to improve process efficiency. We will continue to drive to deliver the most effective possible operations process management solution for our clients, whether they be one facility or multiple sites over multiple contracts.

Road trips so far have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I have learnt so much and continue to be impressed with the hard work and innovative processes operations teams use to ensure smoth running of their organizations.

Wednesday 1 March 2017